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Step Into Pastori

For so long “comfort” shoes have been, well, rather unattractive, the realm of Eastern European travelers. Fortunately, men no longer have to choose between comfort and good looks. Pastori has combined both to offer truly comfortable and elegant footwear.


Why the sneaker trend is good for dress shoes

The sneaker trend has spoiled men due to the fact that sneakers are generally very comfortable. Now as the trend moves back towards dressier shoes men don’t want to suffer in stiff shoes. Pastori has provided a solution where men get the best of both worlds, all brought to you from a small workshop in Tuscany.

Made in Italy

This is an historic shoe-making technique that is not often found due to the extra steps and care that are required in properly making Bologna constructed shoes. The lining is shaped into a circular bag, “sacchetto” in Italian, and is then sewn to the upper which is then sewn to the outer sole. Bologna construction results in a very soft and flexible shoe. It is likely one of the most comfortable type of shoes made. Pastori uses this mode of shoe-making exclusively.

Selecting the Leather

Factory Image


Factory Image

Attaching the Upper

Factory Image

Always Flexible

Pastori uses top quality Italian calf skins that are not only beautiful in appearance but also are able to flex with the bologna construction with minimal creasing and wrinkling. Try it today – your feet will thank you.